Trucks and pace at Gekås

Trucks and pace at Gekås

Christina in Deliveries skilfully elevates herself to the top warehouse shelf 10 metres up. Today has been fairly quiet, but in high season the pace really hots up. With one truck every ten minutes, you have to keep tabs on the incoming pallets.

“Working in Gekås’ warehouse is good fun, varied and a real challenge,” says Christina Johansson, who has worked there since 2011.

Gekås’ superstore has a warehousing area of 29,000 m², and the central warehouse in Sönneräng has a surface area of 44,000 m².

“What I like about the job is that we’re a good team and it’s so varied. During the course of a day I can be doing everything from taking delivery of goods, picking, packing and loading goods using various types of forklift trucks to fulfilling an urgent order from the warehouse. An urgent order triggers an alarm. It’s an automatic order from the checkouts in the superstore to the warehouse when a particular product runs out. Urgent orders are high priority because the shelves in the superstore must be fully stocked at all times,” says Christina.

Fast pace and a lot of laughs
Here at Gekås we have more than 100,000 unique items in our range and over the course of a year 122 million products pass through our checkouts.

“I’ve worked in warehouses all my life but never with such a huge range,” says Christina. “It’s important to keep things moving and the pace can be really fast. When we’re working an evening shift for example, we have to work quickly and empty the floor before the next day when new pallets of products arrive. But everybody knows what they have to do, we all help each other and we have a lot of laughs,” adds Christina.

A new order arrives and it’s time to unload the goods. Christina dashes off to help out at the loading bay.