Trolleys in for service

Trolleys in for service

“This one’s ready!” says Benny Larsson, turning the upturned trolley the right way up again having lubricated the wheels, removed anything that’s got caught in them, checked that the handle is working properly and tested the lock.

Benny Larsson works in operations and maintenance. He has worked at Gekås since 1986 and lives in Dagsås, just outside Varberg.

Trolleys in the store

There are 6,500-7,000 trolleys throughout the store and over the winter they are serviced in the operations and maintenance department. In the high season all the trolleys must have been serviced and be in tip-top condition.

The best thing about the job…

“It’s so varied. From December to April we’re in here with the trolleys. The rest of the year we clean, wash cars and hoover the lift control rooms etc. I love working outdoors and the people are great to work with. It’s also great when my manager asks me to do things I’ve never done before. ” Give it a go, you can do it!” He knows I can do it, and once you’ve done it once you know what you’re doing.”

Benny’s tip:

Take a photo of the trolley number on your mobile, then you won’t lose it!