Team leader in Lighting

Team leader in Lighting

It’s all systems go in the lighting department! It’s six o’clock in the morning and team leader Emelie Carlsson has already arrived to unpack products and stock the shelves.

That’s when we re-stock the shelves, so the department looks good when the store opens to customers. “Every lamp must be properly suspended and, most importantly, must be on when customers make their purchases,” says Emelie. “This requires electricity, and connecting cables to all the lamps is a big part of the job.”

“This involves a lot of clambering around on ladders at ceiling level but it’s a good feeling when it looks good. How we display the products makes a big difference to what customers choose and it’s also important to show people what the lamps look like,” says Emelie.

Nowadays the trend is to match lamps with other furnishings. Lighting makes a big difference to the overall effect. Over the Christmas period the lighting department expands its range and is part of the seasonal market, with Christmas stars, Christmas lights and Advent candle holders!