Refined catering

Refined catering

Meet Mikael who cooks for both customers and staff at Gekås. Both ready meals with their own sauces, food from scratch and increasingly using local ingredients. What’s it actually like being a chef at Sweden’s most popular visitor attraction??

Mikael Stippa was fed up with school when he applied for a place on the hotel and restaurant course at college. But he soon became passionate about cooking. That was over 20 years ago and he’s been a chef ever since.

“I pretty soon realised how great it was,” says Mikael. “When I left school I worked in pubs for a while but I got fed up with all the late evenings and nights. My working hours are much better here. I can work during the day and I really like the people I work with. We often meet up outside work as well,” he adds.

Catering with individuality

Large amounts of food have to be served at Gekås on a daily basis! In the Restaurant we work with ready meals but create our own sauces to pep things up a bit.
“In the Staff Restaurant the chefs devise the menu together,” says Mikael. “We prepare most things from scratch and buy in more and more organic and locally produced ingredients. And now we also have a chef in the Staff Restaurant at lunchtimes who helps serve the food so it looks good on the plate. Because we eat with our eyes as well!”

On Mikael’s menu at home

“When I had young children at home and they did a lot of sport we ate a lot of ready meals because it had to be quick. Now I have more time, I cook from scratch at home as well. It’s better for you and it tastes better too,” he says.