Horses and pets instore

Horses and pets instore

What is it like working with horse and pet products? Christina Ivarsson is mad on horses. Twelve years ago she made a career change and she now works as a buyer in the department.

Twelve years ago Christina, who was working in a bank at the time, launched Gekås’ highly successful horse and pet department.
“I had never worked in this field before,” says Christina. “But I have a background in horses and over the years I’ve done a lot of riding, and I now have six horses of my own. This is a great company to work for and I love the pace and the interaction with people.”

An eye for products that will sell
How do you actually select products for the big yellow superstore?
 “We go on trend trips and to trade fairs to see what’s up and coming and what colours and products we want to invest in. In the case of spring ridingwear, the main colours are navy blue and cerise. And to some extent grey combined with pink.”

Bestsellers for animals

The store must offer a wide range of horse and pet products. From the tiniest pet to our biggest four-legged friends. So what are the department’s biggest sellers?
“Dog waste bags! That’s our bestselling product. But horse rugs, dog coats, cat food and dog food, riding breeches and riding boots are also popular. There’s a really wide range of products. When I first started I was mainly interested in what I liked myself but now I’m more focused on creating a good range of products. I’ve learnt a huge amount over the years I’ve worked at Gekås and nowadays my main aim is to find the products customers want,” says Christina.