Breakfast host at the Hotel

Breakfast host at the Hotel

Breakfast at the Hotel in Ullared is laid out by seven o’clock sharp every morning. That’s when Sandra Nilsson serves freshly baked rolls, yoghurt, eggs, salad items and fruit to the hotel’s guests, who are eager to get started on their shopping.

“The guests get up early,” says Sandra. They’re ready for the off and want to spend as long as they can in the store. For me as a breakfast host, it’s important to give them a really good start to their day.”

She likes being the first one on the scene. She sneaks in in the mornings and starts preparing breakfast, like a little elf.
“The first few hours are really busy. That’s when we replenish the buffet, lay the tables and serve the guests. We also offer a breakfast box for people who want to eat in their rooms. Once breakfast service is over, we clear the tables, wash the dishes and make everything clean and tidy for the following day. The work is varied, as is the number of people who have breakfast. Depending on the season, it can be anything from 6 to 160 guests.”

Sandra is keen to make sure all her guests are happy.
“The key is to listen to people’s requirements. We are a fantastic team and we all want the same thing: to give our guests a really great experience!”