Map of the store

Map of the store

The store has 21 departments. Most of the departments are on the ground floor but Riding & Pets, Sports & Leisure, Tools & Car Care are on the lower floor. Kidswear is on the upper floor.

Ceiling cube J2
You’ll find escalators and lifts to the various departments at ceiling cube J2.

Ceiling cube I10
The escalators and lifts to Floors 2 and 3 are by ceiling cube I10. On Floor 2 you will find our large trolley-park, and if you carry on up to Floor 3, you’ll find the Restaurant, the Cafe Bar, the Photo Studio and the Hår & Häpna hair salon.  The Play Centre (including baby feeding room) and the baby feeding room is on Floor 4.

Here you can see an overview of the store and a list of our departments. Click on the images for a larger view – opens in a new window in PDF format. The map is in English.