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Gekås’ founder

About Göran Karlsson
Göran Karlsson founded Gekås Ullared in 1963. The superstore got its name from his initials, GeKås. For 28 years Göran built up and managed the company which is now Scandinavia’s biggest superstore.

When the company first started it was called Firma Ge-kås Manufaktur and the store was located on the ground floor of a house in Ullared. Initially Göran Karlsson sold house coats for women and motor coats for men at incredibly low prices. In the early days the company didn’t do particularly well, in spite of the cut-price products that featured in its ads. After two years it had a turnover of only SEK 80,000, an amount which the superstore currently takes in three minutes at its checkouts. In 1991 Göran Karlsson sold the business to six of the company’s employees. Göran Karlsson was born in 1939 and died on 26 July 2004.

Ownership history
The history of the ownership of Gekås Ullared is as follows:
Founder in 1963 and owner until 1991 – Göran Karlsson.

Owner 1991-2004
In 1991 founder Göran Karlsson sold the superstore to six key individuals who were employees of the company at that time: Thomas Karlsson, Torbjörn Bäck, Håkan Jansson, Kjell Andersson, Kent Gustafson and Rolf “Lollo” Johansson. The price tag was SEK 130 million and the new owners paid SEK 21.6 million each for their part of the business. Kjell Andersson was subsequently bought out in the mid-90s.

Owners from 2004
In 2004 Thomas Karlsson and Torbjörn Bäck bought the other owners out.