The companyCorporate structure

Corporate structure

Gekås AB is a non-listed company owned by Torbjörn Bäck and Thomas Karlsson.The company was founded in 1963 by Göran Karlsson. In 1991 he sold the store to six of his employees. In 2004 Thomas Karlsson and Torbjörn Bäck bought out the other partners and now own 50 per cent each.

Boris Lennerhov is the group CEO of Gekås AB, and Managing Director of the superstore Gekås Ullared AB. Gekås AB is the parent company which is where the main board is located. The superstore Gekås Ullared AB is a subsidiary, together with the catering business Restaurangbolaget AB (MD, Åsa Keller Wannem) and the holiday village Gekåsbyn AB (MD, Sara Ståhle).

The pharmacy Kronan Ullared AB is an independent company within the group. Gekås AB also has a stake in a wind energy company. Jan Wallberg is chairman of the board of directors of all the subsidiaries.

The group also has a minority stake in Falkenberg biogas AB (15%) and owns 10% of the shares in Heads, our business systems supplier.

The board of Gekås comprises of members from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. All external members are also committed to taking an active interest in the company’s future.

External members
The chairman, Ulf Öjerklint, has been with Gekås for a long time. He concluded the deal on behalf of the current owners in 1991. Ulf has been chairman of the board from 1991 until the present day, with a brief interruption between 2007 and 2009. Ulf is essentially a lawyer whose strengths are board work, contracts and legal affairs.

Malin Calissendorff currently works as an HR consultant. Prior to that she was HR manager for department store chain Axstores and in department store chain Åhléns’ head office. Malin has worked with HR issues in the recruitment sector and retail since the mid-90s. Before that she worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years. Her strengths are personnel, organisation and leadership issues.

Internal members of the board
Boris Lennerhov, group CEO
Thomas Karlsson, owner
Torbjörn Bäck, owner

Else Marie Johansson, employee representative. Else Marie has worked at Gekås since 1997, has been involved in union activities since 2000 and is currently chair of the business club Handelsklubben at Gekås.

Izabela Nanneson, employee representative. Izabela has worked for Gekås since 1991. She has been involved in union activities since 2003 and is vice-chair of Gekås’ Handelsklubb.

Our group CEO
Since nov 7, 2017 Boris Lennehov is the group CEO of Gekås Ullared and Managing Director of the superstore Gekås Ullared AB . Between 2000 and 2014 Boris Lennerhov was CEO of the company and also became a TV celebrity as a result of the reality TV series Ullared.

Our owners
Gekås Ullared AB is owned 50/50 by Torbjörn Bäck and Thomas Karlsson. Both men have worked for Gekås since they left school. In 1991, six of the company’s employees took over from founder Göran Karlsson. Torbjörn Bäck, who was born in 1963, started working in Gekås’ warehouse when he was just fourteen.

“After just a couple of years working for the company I was allowed to accompany the owner at the time, Göran Karlsson, on purchasing trips,” says Torbjörn. He continued in this line of work and even now he still works as a buyer for the toy department.

Thomas Karlsson, who was born in 1965, began working for Gekås straight after his A-levels and at the age of 20 started as a buyer for the food department. He still works as a buyer but now in the Hygiene & Cleaning department.

 “We want to carry on creating opportunities for developing Gekås Ullared as a destination, with shopping, accommodation, food and activities, so our customers get an even better shopping experience when they visit us,” say Thomas and Torbjörn.


Management team
Gekås’ management team comprises of:
Boris Lennerhov, group CEO of Gekås AB and Managing Director of Gekås Ullared AB
Thomas Karlsson, owner
Torbjörn Bäck, owner
Patric Jernberg, Managing Director of the catering business Restaurangbolaget AB
Sara Ståhle, Managing Director of the holiday village Gekåsbyn AB
Christian Henriksson, superstore manager
Linda Nilsson, purchasing manager (clothing)
Boris Carlsson, safety manager
Tommy Johansson, building and premises manager
Niklas Frejd, logistics manager
Inger M Carlsson, HR manager
Johan Armfelt, IT manager
Martin Hedberg, project manager
Annika Jönsson, marketing manager
Hans Erik Wortmann,
property manager