Welcome to Scandinavia's biggest superstore!

Gekås Ullared superstore is situated to the north-east of the town of Falkenberg, not far from Sweden's west coast. The superstore was founded in 1963 and since then has grown year on year. The store currently has a surface area of 35,000 m² and sells most things you need for your home.

Sweden's biggest tourist attraction

Last year, Gekås Ullared was visited by 4.8 million people and, as such, is Sweden's biggest tourist attraction. The record for the number of customers on a single day was made on Tuesday 21 July 2015, when 28,900 customers shopped in the store. On average, customers drive 230 km one way to visit the store.

Our product range

The superstore has the following departments:

body care products
cleaning products
baby accessories
home accessories
home textiles
consumer electronics
pet supplies
horse supplies
tools & car care products
leisure items



Always low prices - on everything

Our products are always sold at the lowest possible price. One of the key principles of Gekås Ullared is that whenever our buyers succeed in getting a lower purchase price, the benefits are passed on to our customers.

Unfortunately, we can't answer questions by e-mail or over the phone about what our product range includes or what items cost. Partly for competition reasons and partly because our product turnover is so high that we can't guarantee that an item that's available today will still be there tomorrow.

If you have a query or want more information, please contact Customer Services.

kundservice@gekas.se +46 (0)346 375 00

Gekås Ullared AB
Visiting address: Danska vägen 13
S-311 85 Ullared

GPS: 57.1342228, 12.714334399999984

Stay the night in Ullared

Gekås Ullared has its own campsite, cabins and hotel. The cabins vary in size and are suitable for both small and large groups. The hotel has 115 25 m² rooms with 2-4 beds, all of which have plenty of room for your shopping.

Remember to book your accommodation well in advance. In high season, our cabins and hotel rooms are often fully booked. You can't book a pitch on the campsite. Just turn up on the day.

The cabin village has seven wood-fired hot tubs, two saunas and two cold tubs. Remember to book your tub and sauna when you book your accommodation.

And there's plenty to do in the vicinity. You can hire bikes or go for a swim in the nearby lake, and our miniature golf course is great fun for the whole family. If you come in the winter, you can visit the cabin village's own ski slope.

If you're looking for a great place to eat and drink during your trip to Ullared, look no further than Harrys Restaurant, which is right near the store. We also have a restaurant, cafe and sports bar inside the store.


Tel. +46 346 375 01 (0346 375 01)

E-mail:   gekasbyn@gekas.se

Gekåsbyn Ullared AB
S-311 85 Ullared

GPS: 57.12783659999999, 12.708217699999977